One of the Leading new energy vehicle manufacturers in China

One of the first Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturers to obtain EU product certification.
From commercial vehicles to passenger vehicles, we have 12 years of experience in manufacturing new energy vehicles.
Commercial vehicle new energy manufacturing field.
The only new energy vehicle manufacturer with the most abundant models in China.
In the field of new energy passenger vehicles, Entrepreneurs who have been on the road all along
New energy commercial vehicle field.
Our full range of vehicles meets all the needs of the transportation market.
Our new energy vehicles sell well in 48 countries around the world.
We have a complete marketing incentive policy and systematic after-sales service guarantee capabilities.
Looking for new energy vehicle manufacturers,
We are your reliable business partner!


The purpose is to benefit employees, customers, and others. To build a great company where everyone can become a hero, so that everyone can achieve personal freedom of struggle, freedom of wealth and family happiness


Create a new energy ecosystem and promote the coordinated development of industries. Implant the Internet gene to achieve a heart-to-heart link with customers. Go straight to the C end, achieve the B end, and activate the A end

Technology driven

Gathering first-class talents at home and abroad, leading the world’s electric vehicle trend

Backed by Skywell Group’s
10-year new energy vehicle technology accumulation

Skyworth New Energy Automobile Groupe is one of the leading companies in the field of new energy automobile manufacturing in China. Its professional fields cover various aspects of new energy R & D, manufacturing and marketing.
Production of core components for vehicles and new energy vehicles.



Launch of tourism bus

On September 20, with ecological culture as the theme, Shenzhen tourism bus “Green Line” was officially opened.


Launch of hybrid SUV

Skyworth Automotive super hybrid SUV, equipped with HT-i electric mixing system and 1.5L efficient special engine, can be fuel and electricity, ultra-low fuel consumption, strong power.


Expansion to Germany

Skyworth engineers go to Germany to solve technical problems and increase orders by 1000 units


Launch of tourism bus

On September 20, with ecological culture as the theme, Shenzhen tourism bus “Green Line” was officially opened.


Brand debut

“Skyworth” brand new debut


Launch of automotive group

Skywell Automobile Co., Ltd. was established


Launch of new energy group

Skywell New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd. was established



Nanjing Jinglong reorganized again